Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wondershare DVD Creator for Windows Giveaway, 10 Lifetime Codes For Free

Check the giveaway page here: http://geekiest.net/post/Giveaway-3-Wondershare-DVD-Creator-Lifetime-License.aspx

Only input your name and email address, you will have the chance to get the lifetime codes of Wondershare DVD Creator for Windows for free.

Check more details about this software here: http://www.wondershare.com/pro/dvd-creator.html

Download the free trial version of Wondershare DVD creator here: http://download.wondershare.com/dvd-creator_full619.exe

Monday, February 24, 2014

Wondershare 3D Style Pack Giveaway (For Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe)

3D Slideshow Templates Giveaway: Hold a chance to win free Wondershare 3D Style Pack codes, to be given away to 20 lucky winners.

How you can win:
To win the free codes, just leave a comment below highlighting the reason "why you would like to win this 3D slideshow pack”.

Duration of the contest & selection of winners:
The contest is valid for 7 days from Feb. 25th to Mar. 3rd, 2014 and is open to everyone. Winners will be selected on the basis of their comment posted.

About Wondershare 3D Style Pack:
Wondershare 3D Style Pack is designed for Wondershare’s top selling slideshow maker software Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe and Standard. It includes 12 great-looking movie styles in 3D model. With it, you can immediately turn your photos to gorgeous 3D movies and catch the eyeball of the audiences.

As a special offer from Wondershare, they’re providing 20 of our readers with free codes to be able to activate Wondershare 3D Style Pack, which is worth $19.95.

Note: To use this 3D Style Pack, you should first purchase Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe Version or Standard Version.

More information about Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder:
Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder is professional home DVD slideshow making software to combine photos or video clips into DVD slideshow with music and transitions for sharing on TV, online, on mobile devices and so on. It includes 270+ designed Hollywood-like Styles such as love, wedding, classic and Christmas theme.
Key features:
- Drag-n-drop unlimited photos, videos and music to compose DVD movie.
- Customize DVD slideshow with 130+ 2D/3D transitions/motions.
- Create movies automatically using 270+ designed Hollywood-like Styles.
- One-click to burn slideshows to DVD.
- Share high-quality videos on TV, YouTube, and other mobile devices.
- Supports Windows 8/7/Vista/XP.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Top 5 Sites for Video Editing Learning

I shared some expert article about how to become a online editing consult. However, some readers may need to know more about it like where to learn video editing before becoming an expert. Many beginners who are not familiar with editing tools but willing learn online, then there are multiple questions about the top sites for video editing learning. Now i would like to introduce some professional resources here.

1. Lynda Learning School
To be No.1 online video editing learning school, there are over 200 authors who contributes thousands of video tutorials online for those paid members. All video tutorials are classified with different skill levels (like beginners, intermediate, advanced), different software (Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Avid  Media Composer), different authors (I'm applying to be one of the members now, god bless me). This online learning school is not only comprehensive but professional with detail videos for all members, what you need is only $25 per month.

2. NYVS Film School

Like other professional online video editing learning websites, it offers 7 days free trial. If your video editor is not complex to learn, 7 days is also enough for you to master the whole features. Compared with Lynda, NYVS can provide some professional class at only $9.95/month, which is categorized by different brands, function and devices. (If you want to learn how to shoot/edit video with iPhone, you come to the right place.)

3. VideoSchoolOnline
This website is not famous for comprehensive learning resources but 3D animation courses. It only focuses on 3D Animation Intro to Maya,Video Editing 101 in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pr and Green Screen Editing. And even opened a YouTube Channel for those video learning, in which Video Editing 101 is the most famous class with the following content.
  • Story and Editing
  • Final Cut Basics
  • Importing
  • Video Editing Basics
  • Sound
  • Color Correction
  • Titles
  • Special Effects
  • Transitions
  • Green Screen
  • Exporting
  • Landing a Job
 4. InfiniteSkills
This website is not the real online learning website, but you can buy some professional learning source with reasonable price. Though they're expensive, but professional.

5. Reddit
You must be kidding! That may be your real thought when you get here. Yes, reddit is mostly for bookmark, but it's also a high-quality information gathering pool. Check the video editing tag, you will find all the questions you may encounter, if not, you can ask to get solved. What's the most, it's free!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Top 10 Worst Valentine's Day Gifts for Girlfriend in 2014

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and this would be the third V-Day with my boyfriend. In order to avoid some unnecessary waste in time and money, i have had to tell him what i expect tomorrow. Though i can't expect any surprise, i wish there are less naive gentlemen to make the following 10 mistakes when preparing Valentine's Day gifts for your girlfriend, some of them may even end your relationship.

Top 1, Red Roses 

Mistake: easy to predictable, less creative
Solution: try other flowers like Lily or Tulip or try different color roses like blue roses

Top 2, Chocolate

Mistake: same reason like red roses, which is the perfect gift bundle in 1990s, but not 2014
Solution: try others like M&M's or any other sweet food she likes in previous day, the vital is to wrap it with special carrier like hand-painted bowl not just a heart-shaped gift box

Top 3, Sex Underwear

Mistake: Valentine's Day is a day to show how love and familiar with this woman, not the day to show how wonderful to have sex today
Solution: cozy and heavy bed grown with the right color she loves will be better in this cold winter

Top 4, Stuffed Bear or Cat

Mistake: it would be suitable for kids but not an adult woman, how careless you're if you didn't notice that your little girl turned to a young lady with higher taste
Solution: cute doggie or cattie will be better choice, though your young lady is over 18 years old, cute animal with innocent eyes will capture her soft heart immediately

Top 5, Perfume

Mistake: perfume is actually a perfect idea if you know which flavor she loves, however many gentlemen is less careful and gentle than expected, he may choose some popular taste like Cologne
Solution: bath products would be a good choice, find scents and formulas that suit your boyfriend or girlfriend's personality, and most people really enjoy using them 

Top 6, Game or App

Mistake: that's what you need, not she needs, though it looks cute, romantic or pink
Solution: take her out to have a shot-term trip in adjacent city or prepare romantic dinner at the night

Top 7, Handmade Coupon or Gift Card

Mistake: coupon or card is not the real gift from the point of girls, actually gift card looks better than handmade coupon, the later looks cheaper
Solution: handmade coupon and gift card only can be an extra gift after you prepare a real gift like a pair of cashmere socks or beautiful scarf

Top 8, Jewelry in a Ring-sized Box

Mistake: that may end up your relationship with her if the jewelry is not a real ring, when a girl sees that box, she’s either going to freak out because she’s not ready or hope that it is the ring and then be disappointed, so it’s lose-lose
Solution:  just wrapped it with other-shaped box like shirt box

Top 9, Book

Mistake: yes, you love reading and you even heard of that she loves Shakespeare too, but Valentine's Day is really not a day to study or read at home, show something more romantic
Solution: bought 2 tickets of Shakespeare's modern drama or movies if it's possible

Top 10, No Gift

Mistake: that's the worst gift in my mind, you forget this festival
Solution: set up alarm in your cellphone or pc about all major festivals as long as you don't want to be single

You may get some tips to find creative Valentine's Day gift via this article: