Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How to Make a Green Screen with Wondershare Video Editor (Windows V4.8)

is the video tutorial about how to make a green screen with Wondershare Video
Editor (Windows V4.8), which is one of advanced editing tools for this

Here are the simple steps:

1. download and install Wondershare Video Editor below:

Windows version:

Mac version:

2. make sure you have at least 2 video/photo files, one for background, one
for greenscreen. Don't know how to shoot a green screen video? check here:

3. drag the background file to main video timeline and drop the green
screen file to PIP track.

4. double click the greenscreen file on PIP track,click
"Advanced"- "Effect" to access the green screen tool.
This tool makes the solid background of your file transparent.

5. Then just tick “Make parts of the clip transparent”, and use the picker
tool to get closer to the color you need. After that, drag the slider to
adjust the Intensity Level.

6. Review the result in the preview window and do some settings if

7. Click the “Export” button and choose the output method that most suits
your needs: saving as a video, converting for your mobile device, uploading
to YouTube or Facebook or burning to DVD.

More about how to make a green screen in details here:


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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How to Burn a DVD in Ubuntu

Recording data to write enabled or rewrite enabled devices such as a DVD constitutes what is popularly known as burning. While this process is quite obvious and easy, there are instances where new Ubuntu users experience difficulties in trying to burn DVD. As a matter of fact, there are lots of people in online forums who seek counsel on how to accomplish the process. In one instance, I came a across a person with this problem and I quote his words, “I've been trying all day to make a simple video DVD to play on a regular DVD player, but I just can't seem to figure to out. I don't understand what an image is and all the apps that I've tried today seem to use this same terminology. I tried Brasero, K3b, DeVeDe, and a few others. I have read here in the forum and in other threads that these were the ones that people seem to use. I just can't seem to create a DVD. I don't know that burning an image means or anything.”

The truth however is far different from the picture presented in this comment. As a matter of fact, people who experience problems with Ubuntu are simply people who over-relied on windows so much that they refuse to think out of the box. It is for this reason that I find it important to take readers through a step by step instruction on how to accomplish DVD burning in Ubuntu. There are multiple burning tools available for Ubuntu. Nonetheless, in this guide, Brasero Disc Burner, default Ubuntu burner is dealt with.

There is no scarcity of tools for burning DVD in Ubuntu. Nonetheless, as already mentioned Brasero Disc Burner is the default Ubuntu burner and is equipped with all functional necessities required for basic CD/DVD burning.

Step 1: Download and install Brasero if it is not included in your version of Ubuntu
Brasero is an open-sources DVD burning tool for Ubuntu. Although it is included in the latest Ubuntu versions, earlier versions require that you obtain the software from Ubuntu Software center. This is done by clicking and opening the software center.
Once it is open, you can type the name “Brasero” in the search. This helps in directly linking the user to Brasero software download link.

Brasero will be available amongst the listed software. You can then click and it and then click the resulting install button in order to install the software. The program is not installed and you are ready to go.

Step 2: Choosing the right disc
While this article is purely about burning to DVD, it is important to emphasize the importance of selecting the right disc before burning. It is important to use a disc big enough to accommodate the data to written but it is also awkward to use a very big disc for small data. The size of DVDs typically ranges from 4.7GB to 9.4GB. Your computer should also have an optical drive capable of writing on DVD. 
Additionally, there are two kinds of DVD discs, that is, recordable (R) and Re-writable (RW). It all depends on whether you intend to add data to the disc later or if you want only the data you are burning to be in the disc. Recordable discs can only be burned once while re-writable ones can be burned severally for as long as they are full. It is important to note that choosing the wrong disc can either hinder the burning project from proceeding or cause damage to the disc used.

Step 3: Open Brasero program
After Brasero program is installed, you can open it by accessing the Dashboard and type “Brasero.” The software will be listed. This allows the user to select and open the software in readiness for burning project to commence.
Once it is listed, you can either click or right click and then select to open. This should open Brasero software.

Step 4: Choose the DVD option
Once the software is opened, there are multiple options from which to select. Here you can choose the option “create a video DVD or an SVCD.” This is the option for burning a DVD video. This will open the paging for adding files. 

Step 5: Add files and burn DVD
By now it is presumed you know the location of the files you want to burn to DVD and can easily follow on the dialogue to select the appropriate file. 

This step involves clicking the files icon that open a dialogue bow for the user to select the files to be burned to DVD video. Using this option, the user selects the file to be burnt from the source location after which the selected file is listed under the files in the software’s user interface. At this point, the file is ready to be burnt. The procedure can however be repeated to select multiple files. Once satisfied, the user is ready and the burn icon located at the lower right corner can be clicked and the burn process is ready to commence.

There is an option to select the burn speed. Although most GUIs have a properties icon from which to select speed, Brasero only avails these sorts of alternatives after the burn icon has been pressed. Here you can select an appropriate speed for burning your DVD. For better results, it is often recommended that users select slow burning speeds within reason. Slow speeds guarantees greater efficiency. Once speed is chosen, a second burn button appears that the user will be required to click for the final burning process to begin. Once the burn icon is pressed, you can stand back and wait as the entire process is completed. The software will inform you when the process is completed. You can also track progress using the percentages indicated by the software.

Other software alternatives that can be used to burn DVD in Ubuntu include K3B - KDE Burning Tool, GnomeBaker Burning Tool, Xfburn for Linux, Nero for Windows, Linux, ImgBurn for Windows, Linux (under Wine), SimpleBurn for Linux, and InfraRecorder for Windows, CDRDAO Command Line Tool.  If you need some best free dvd burners for windows and mac, please check the top ten list of free dvd authoring software here. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

15 Common Photo Editing Mistakes to Avoid

Editing photos can be fun. When you are working to create articles for newsworthy publications you want to assure your photos are top grade. There are several common editing mistakes you can make that will make your photos look surreal and your work unprofessional. If you want classic photos that jump off the page or screen, here are 15 rules you need to follow to avoid common photo editing mistakes.

15. Less is more

The old rule of thumb still stands and is a good base to use when photo editing. Too many edits will make your photo unnatural, blur lines and create color contrasts that dull the photo. You don’t want to fall victim to over-editing. The absolute best photos start with a good photo, when your camera is set right and the lighting is perfect. We know this can be a hassle, especially when we are new to taking photos and want to really exercise our editing talents.

14. Best skin smoothing techniques

When you want to smooth skin features, take it slow and work next to the original image so you can easily identify when you have over-edited and the skin begins to look plastic. The plastic Barbie doll look, while at one very brief moment in time was fashionable, lost ranking long ago and is a very common mistake that new photo editors make when trying to get the appearance of perfectly smooth skin.


13. Over-cropping can be tragic

If you are working for a client and want to set up the picture to be displayed perfectly, make sure you know exactly what photo application will be used. The best picture is the full picture; print it out and see what you have got before you cut and edit. When working for a client make sure that you know how they will use the photo to make sure you get the perfect crop.
over crop

12. Understand layers and actions

Another huge mistake made when editing is not using the layer and action techniques correctly. This simply makes the photo look like a child was playing with your editor. You can get superior quality from a photo when applying professional layering techniques, but this takes a lot of practice–make sure you put in the time.

11. Selective coloring is over

This is a great example of how selective coloring can just make your photo look weak and unprofessional. The contrast is blurred by the muddy back image and the color is too much, has too crisp of an outline, and simply just does not pop like it should.


10. Keep backgrounds crisp

We all love those timeless photos where the surreal background creates the perfect fade into the main item in your photo, but this can be a very tricky effect to create in editing. It can often look very unnatural and says more about over-editing than taking good quality photos. If you want a fade in, it is best to set the camera and get the quality you want when you take the shot.


9. Muddy colors don’t make good black and whites

Crisp black and whites will always be a favorite but if you have a photo with muddy colors and want to make it a black and white to enhance the detail, you are out of luck. No amount of editing can create the crisp lines you will be looking for. Transferring muddy colors to black and white just creates a muddy gray photo.

muddy color

8. Know your curves

When you go into adjusting colors and shadows, you need to understand the curves and how to layer and create the contrast within the photo without creating a collage of overlapped shadows and blurred colors. Curves take a lot of practice. Most editors, when new to photo editing programs, will either avoid or overuse the fascinating feature. Remember: practice makes perfect.

7. Keep monochrome features light

When getting the perfect monochrome feature, less is often better and you want to scale it down as little as possible. Using deep sepia tones are often unnatural and will create a photo that is muddy and overdone.

6. Sparkling eyes can be too much

Getting the perfect sparkle in the eyes can be tricky. The less you do, the more natural the effect. You do not want the figure in your image to look like a creature from another planet with overdone eye features. Keep it simple.


5. Bright white teeth that jump off the page

Having a bright smile with pearly white teeth can be engaging, but if you over-whiten the teeth it is very easy to spot and makes the photo look fake. You do not want the focal point of your image to be a huge set of blaring white choppers. Once again, less is more.


4. Extractions can be the death of your photo

Unless you prepared your original photo using a green screen and other props, it is almost impossible to extract an image and make it fit the way it should, even for seasoned professionals. It is best to try and create the photo you want the first time around.

3. Go easy on textures

If you are a big fan of the gaming effects and lots of textures, then of course you can play all day with the neat features and new textures you will find in editing programs. However, for a realistic photo effect, textures can be too much.


2. Incredible HDR effects

Images with HDR effects can be mesmerizing. When done properly, it can take an average photo to an artistic level. This is a really neat tool, but takes a lot of practice to use. You need to set up the camera right when taking the photos to make sure they transfer to the HDR effect you want to create.


1. Know your editing program, inside and out

New users and veteran editors to often go gaga over new apps and features, and try too hard to incorporate them into photos too soon before they get the full aspect of the feature. When using any editing program, make sure you understand the feature you want to explore.
editing program
The basics of any editing program requires practice to manage. If you want to create the perfect edits and make your photos pop with a professional zeal, you need to do your homework. The most common mistakes are made because the user simply does not understand the program and either tries to over use them or does not know how to fix the simplest issues and does not use the helpful features available. To avoid mistakes and common errors, read the information and guides provided, watch the how to videos and practice, practice practice. Check some reliable free video editing program list here.

Check the original article wrote by Liza Brown (Me) here:

Sunday, May 25, 2014

FAQ’s About Favourite Video Editing Tools to Make YouTube Video

Q1). How to make a YouTube slideshow video with pictures and songs easily? 
How to Use YouTube Video Editor to Edit Video on YouTube
Q2). Which video editor can share directly to your YouTube account with single click?
Q3). What is the best video editor which you have ever used to create video editor?
 Q4). Is there any easy-to-use video editors which can edit video with just drag and drop method? 
 Q5). How can I replace the audio of my videos? 
Q6). What can I do if I want to burn my video to DVD also? 
Q7) Does it need extra knowledge about the software to edit like a professional? 
Q8). In what format the video will be created? 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Biggest Wondershare Discount Bundle, Up to 80% Discount to Get 5 Software!

Would you normally buy up to 5 different software in a single purchase? Why not? Is the pricing your primary concern? What if WE, at Wondershare, can offer YOU a BIG discount on that? No, not big, 80% discount is actually HUGE! At less than $50, ALL 5 software would be truly yours! This situation never happened ever and probably won’t happen again. You’ll SAVE more than $170, if you were to buy them individually. Hurry up to check thebundle discount page here.

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What’s in it?

Bundle for Windows:

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If you’ve always been wanting or need to bag the software bundle as listed above, this will be your opportunity. Why pay more when you can have it for less? Get thediscount bundle here.

Monday, March 3, 2014

How to Check Website Performance/Quality within 1 Min.?

Webmasters like me got big damages last year after "millions of" updates from Google Algorithm. The bright and easy day for SEOer or Marketing department is far away. One of the efficient way to gain high authority to get "introduced by" high quality websites. However, how to check website performance or quality within in short time is not an easy job. Many SEOers and Marketing department maybe laughing at my topic right now. "We have Majesticseo, Semruch, Hrefs, Google keyword planner, why do we need your suggestion?" Yes, you're right, you can find a high-quality website after you compared all the datas with the SEO tools mentioned above, however, 90% of them are pricy. What if a small blogger like me? In these bad time,why should i spend much money on analyzing? Here, as a long-term SEO consulter for 7 years, i would like show you my insight and fastest way to measure a website performance within 1 minute.

For example, you got 1000 websites to find suitable high-quality sites for your next giveaway campaign in the end of this month.

The following factors is the key point you should pay attention.
  • PR and Alexa Rank (PR>3+, Alexa Rank <10,000)
  • Facebook likes and Twitter fans (Above 1000)
  • Comments in page (No comment should be alert)
  • Niche (Related)
Let's explain one by one.
1. You can install a addson -SEOQuake in Firefox, after you opened a url, it will show in the head like this:

it will only cost you 10 seconds to judge if the Page rank is above 3 or not, the Alexa traffic rank is under 10,000 or not. Though the first factors are less important than ever and Google even doesn't update Page Rank  this year, you can't deny higher Page Rank and Alexa Traffic Rank should be one of the factors, and you can get a final decision after composed the other 4 elements.

2. Open the social account of this website, check the likes and fans, it may take you 30s. Don't just check the number, you can check the interaction with fans like the average rate of retweet or share for each post. Or the number people talking about this page, though the following page got 3082 likes there is only 4 talking about this page. You can assure that those likes may be fake.

3. Someone will stop in step 2 and won't check the comments in website, it will take 10s more. Actually, if you spend 100 US Dollar just want to get a backlink, you can stop now. But if not, you should estimate the result your post will get. If there is no any comment for all posts in homepage, you should be alert.

4. Last one, check the category, is there any post or topic about your product? My product is about software, therefore if there is any topic about technology, i will past it after 10 second.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wondershare DVD Creator for Windows Giveaway, 10 Lifetime Codes For Free

Check the giveaway page here:

Only input your name and email address, you will have the chance to get the lifetime codes of Wondershare DVD Creator for Windows for free.

Check more details about this software here:

Download the free trial version of Wondershare DVD creator here:

Monday, February 24, 2014

Wondershare 3D Style Pack Giveaway (For Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe)

3D Slideshow Templates Giveaway: Hold a chance to win free Wondershare 3D Style Pack codes, to be given away to 20 lucky winners.

How you can win:
To win the free codes, just leave a comment below highlighting the reason "why you would like to win this 3D slideshow pack”.

Duration of the contest & selection of winners:
The contest is valid for 7 days from Feb. 25th to Mar. 3rd, 2014 and is open to everyone. Winners will be selected on the basis of their comment posted.

About Wondershare 3D Style Pack:
Wondershare 3D Style Pack is designed for Wondershare’s top selling slideshow maker software Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe and Standard. It includes 12 great-looking movie styles in 3D model. With it, you can immediately turn your photos to gorgeous 3D movies and catch the eyeball of the audiences.

As a special offer from Wondershare, they’re providing 20 of our readers with free codes to be able to activate Wondershare 3D Style Pack, which is worth $19.95.

Note: To use this 3D Style Pack, you should first purchase Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe Version or Standard Version.

More information about Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder:
Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder is professional home DVD slideshow making software to combine photos or video clips into DVD slideshow with music and transitions for sharing on TV, online, on mobile devices and so on. It includes 270+ designed Hollywood-like Styles such as love, wedding, classic and Christmas theme.
Key features:
- Drag-n-drop unlimited photos, videos and music to compose DVD movie.
- Customize DVD slideshow with 130+ 2D/3D transitions/motions.
- Create movies automatically using 270+ designed Hollywood-like Styles.
- One-click to burn slideshows to DVD.
- Share high-quality videos on TV, YouTube, and other mobile devices.
- Supports Windows 8/7/Vista/XP.