Monday, March 3, 2014

How to Check Website Performance/Quality within 1 Min.?

Webmasters like me got big damages last year after "millions of" updates from Google Algorithm. The bright and easy day for SEOer or Marketing department is far away. One of the efficient way to gain high authority to get "introduced by" high quality websites. However, how to check website performance or quality within in short time is not an easy job. Many SEOers and Marketing department maybe laughing at my topic right now. "We have Majesticseo, Semruch, Hrefs, Google keyword planner, why do we need your suggestion?" Yes, you're right, you can find a high-quality website after you compared all the datas with the SEO tools mentioned above, however, 90% of them are pricy. What if a small blogger like me? In these bad time,why should i spend much money on analyzing? Here, as a long-term SEO consulter for 7 years, i would like show you my insight and fastest way to measure a website performance within 1 minute.

For example, you got 1000 websites to find suitable high-quality sites for your next giveaway campaign in the end of this month.

The following factors is the key point you should pay attention.
  • PR and Alexa Rank (PR>3+, Alexa Rank <10,000)
  • Facebook likes and Twitter fans (Above 1000)
  • Comments in page (No comment should be alert)
  • Niche (Related)
Let's explain one by one.
1. You can install a addson -SEOQuake in Firefox, after you opened a url, it will show in the head like this:

it will only cost you 10 seconds to judge if the Page rank is above 3 or not, the Alexa traffic rank is under 10,000 or not. Though the first factors are less important than ever and Google even doesn't update Page Rank  this year, you can't deny higher Page Rank and Alexa Traffic Rank should be one of the factors, and you can get a final decision after composed the other 4 elements.

2. Open the social account of this website, check the likes and fans, it may take you 30s. Don't just check the number, you can check the interaction with fans like the average rate of retweet or share for each post. Or the number people talking about this page, though the following page got 3082 likes there is only 4 talking about this page. You can assure that those likes may be fake.

3. Someone will stop in step 2 and won't check the comments in website, it will take 10s more. Actually, if you spend 100 US Dollar just want to get a backlink, you can stop now. But if not, you should estimate the result your post will get. If there is no any comment for all posts in homepage, you should be alert.

4. Last one, check the category, is there any post or topic about your product? My product is about software, therefore if there is any topic about technology, i will past it after 10 second.

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