Friday, February 21, 2014

Top 5 Sites for Video Editing Learning

I shared some expert article about how to become a online editing consult. However, some readers may need to know more about it like where to learn video editing before becoming an expert. Many beginners who are not familiar with editing tools but willing learn online, then there are multiple questions about the top sites for video editing learning. Now i would like to introduce some professional resources here.

1. Lynda Learning School
To be No.1 online video editing learning school, there are over 200 authors who contributes thousands of video tutorials online for those paid members. All video tutorials are classified with different skill levels (like beginners, intermediate, advanced), different software (Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Avid  Media Composer), different authors (I'm applying to be one of the members now, god bless me). This online learning school is not only comprehensive but professional with detail videos for all members, what you need is only $25 per month.

2. NYVS Film School

Like other professional online video editing learning websites, it offers 7 days free trial. If your video editor is not complex to learn, 7 days is also enough for you to master the whole features. Compared with Lynda, NYVS can provide some professional class at only $9.95/month, which is categorized by different brands, function and devices. (If you want to learn how to shoot/edit video with iPhone, you come to the right place.)

3. VideoSchoolOnline
This website is not famous for comprehensive learning resources but 3D animation courses. It only focuses on 3D Animation Intro to Maya,Video Editing 101 in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pr and Green Screen Editing. And even opened a YouTube Channel for those video learning, in which Video Editing 101 is the most famous class with the following content.
  • Story and Editing
  • Final Cut Basics
  • Importing
  • Video Editing Basics
  • Sound
  • Color Correction
  • Titles
  • Special Effects
  • Transitions
  • Green Screen
  • Exporting
  • Landing a Job
 4. InfiniteSkills
This website is not the real online learning website, but you can buy some professional learning source with reasonable price. Though they're expensive, but professional.

5. Reddit
You must be kidding! That may be your real thought when you get here. Yes, reddit is mostly for bookmark, but it's also a high-quality information gathering pool. Check the video editing tag, you will find all the questions you may encounter, if not, you can ask to get solved. What's the most, it's free!